YouTube is hitting down more on adblockers

YouTube is serving more punishments for those who dared to use an adblocker.


A new development that is being witness on subreddit r/youtube. That is most of the users who have disabled adblockers have experienced odd occurrences. Such as; ‘muffled videos or videos that jump to the last frame’. For instance, this particular user openly demonstrate how a video jumps to last frame as soon as play is click.

The data obtain from the post and the comments section it is evident that users who attempt to replay the video are present with the same issue contienously. Several others pointed out additional issues with sound. “ That there’s no sound whenever I use ad blocker on YT” another one was not happy. “You can only move the volume bar of the speaker for a second before it gets silent again.”

One commented, ‘You can only hear something when turn the volume up or down.’ “However, the moment you let go of the volume control, the audio becomes silent.”

A few individuals who tried disabling their adblockers were able to perform YouTube without such headaches, and with the ads back into the picture. Some of them stated they had to remove adblocker they use and to use other one instead on their devices.

Last month, YouTube started to tighten its policy against adblockers. With the platform leading to some third-party app-blocking and users experiencing playback issues. YouTube personally addressed this issue, saying in a statement “We are increasing the enforcement on third party apps that go against YouTube’s Terms of Service, namely ad-blocking apps, There are complaints from viewers who use these third-party apps to experience lags or receive an error message saying ‘This following content is not available on this app’ when trying to watch a video”.

YouTube also steered users to YouTube Premium, noting that they can get a whole new ad-free experience in YouTube Premium. Although, in Mashable’s Cecily Mauran words this can be seen as a typical ‘shitting’, that is, making the free version worse just to lock users into paying for the premium version, but on the side, you can just watch the ads.

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