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10 Google Searches in Pakistan That Can Help You Succeed

10 Google Searches in Pakistan That Can Help You Succeed

Google is the most used search engine when it comes to using the internet. It has numerous features that make it easier for you to search for specific questions or topics. However, with these features also come a lot of information overload and confusion. Whether you’re in Pakistan or not, these ten searches will help you succeed on Google.10 Google Searches in Pakistan That Can Help You Succeed

  • 10 Google Searches in Pakistan That Can Help You Succeed
  • 1) How to cite a book
  • 2) How to write a book report
  • 3) Apa format for a research paper
  • 4) Thesis statement for an essay
  • 5) 10 top resume mistakes to avoid

The 10 Best Google Searches for Success

1) How to cite a book: This search is good for those who are looking for information on how to properly cite a book. There are many different types of citations you can use depending on the type of book you’re citing.

2) How to write a book report: This search is good if you want to write a report on a book. Writing a report is not as difficult as one may think, and this search will help guide you through the process.

3) Apa format for a research paper: If you need help with formatting your paper according to the APA style, this is your answer.

4) Thesis statement for an essay: This search will help you formulate the thesis statement for your essay or research paper. You’ll find examples of thesis statements in various formats that can be used when writing your own thesis statement.

5) 10 top resume mistakes to avoid: You can prevent yourself from making these mistakes by using this search which has explanations and examples of what make these resume mistakes happen so that they don’t happen again in the future.

How to Quote a Book

One of the most common searches people make on Google is how to quote a book in an essay. To properly quote a book, you’ll need to use its title, author, and page number. Then, you will use a quotation-style format that includes both the author and the title of the book. It’s important to include acronyms and abbreviations as well.

  • “To be or not to be: that is the question.” (Shakespeare)
  • “To be or not to be: that is the question.” (Shakespeare)
  • “To Be Or Not To Be. That Is The Question.”


  • Book Title: The Tragedy Of Shakespeare’s Life
  • Author: William Shakespeare
  • Publisher: Oxford University Press
  • Page Number: 7

How to Write a Book Report

A book report is a way for students to provide feedback and commentary on the text they read. It is typically a summary of the text’s content, point of view, and how it makes an argument. A book report has three sections: introduction, body, and conclusion.

Apa Format for a Research Paper

The APA style of writing academic papers is widely used by scholars in many fields. For those who are unfamiliar with it, the following guide will help you understand what exactly this format entails.

APA Format for a Research Paper

This guide includes an overview of the basic principles of APA format and provides a brief example of how to use some of them so as to get your paper written according to the rules.

Basic Principles

– Headings should be placed at the top of each page and every section that has one. The first sentence in any heading should be capitalized and underlined.

– Each paragraph should start with a number, and each numbered item within the paragraph should have a corresponding number listed after it (with 1 being the first item).


1 This is a Paragraph with Number 1. 2 This is also a Paragraph with Number 2. 3 This is another Paragraph with Number 3. 4 This paragraph has 4 items in it, so its last item would be number 4.

– All quotations and all titles of books, journals, articles, chapters, or other sources should be italicized or underlined before they are quoted or mentioned; they should also be listed in your reference list as footnotes rather than in parentheses at the end of your paper.

Thesis Statement for an Essay

The thesis statement for an essay is a sentence that tells the reader what you are going to be writing about in your essay. A good thesis statement will help your reader understand the main idea of your paper and what you want them to learn from it.

  • 6) How can I reduce stress and work more effectively
  • 7) What is automatic speech recognition
  • 8) Essay on global warming
  • 9) How to solve a word problem
  • 10) How to cite a journal article

Top 10 Reasons Not to Apply for Jobs

Google is a great tool for finding the perfect job for your needs. However, if you’re not

careful, you may end up applying for the wrong job. Here are ten reasons why it’s best not to apply:

  • 1) Your qualifications are missing important information such as experience
  • 2) There are too many applicants and no one will notice your application
  • 3) Your qualifications don’t meet the requirements
  • 4) You’ve already applied for the job
  • 5) The company has closed their search for positions
  • 6) They don’t have any openings
  • 7) You didn’t properly answer all of the necessary questions in your application
  • 8) They’ve hired someone else
  • 9) They’re still interviewing candidates, but didn’t get back to you yet
  • 10) You have been rejected before

Resume Mistakes That Can Cost You the Job

  • 6) How to cite a website
  • 7) Thesis statement for a research paper
  • 8) End of chapter questions for a book
  • 9) How to write an article
  • 10) What is the difference between article and blog post?

Resume Mistakes That Can Hurt Your CV

  • 6) How to create a cover letter
  • 7) How to write a cover letter for a job application
  • 8) How to write an email format
  • 9) Thesis statement for an argumentative essay
  • 10) 10 things you should know about writing thesis statements

The Smart Way to Apply For Jobs

  • 6) How to write a cover letter
  • 7) How to earn tenure in academia
  • 8) What are the best kind of essay questions
  • 9) 10 most common resume mistakes
  • 10) What is the best type of business for me?
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