How to Get Ahead Work Without Becoming a Workaholic



How to Get Ahead at Work Without Becoming a Workaholic


Recently, I saw the Wolf of Wall Street (Wolf of Wall Street), which has influenced many flashbacks since the financial era and has performed well at large banks. Looking at the busy trading desk and enthusiastic sales staff, most of these people remembered their efforts to succeed. How to Get Ahead Work Without Becoming a Workaholic


Probably too strict.

  • I’m sure many Wall Street businesses should play their part when going to night parties, but I’ve never seen one before. In particular, few people seem to have left the office long enough to cause such a serious injury. The first person in the office always leaves last.
  • I remember my colleague canceling another supper during a birthday party or family vacation and making several unfortunate phone calls with her husband and relatives. Of course, you may have a lot of money on your desk, but do you have to work 18 hours a day?


  • Fortunately, I have also worked with very successful people throughout my career. They can continue to climb the corporate ladder without intervening in their personal lives. Over the years, I have learned some lessons from them. These lessons are about how to succeed at work without worrying about it.

Get loyal followers

  • There are many reasons to work with a colleague, employee, or team member. This is important, but it is also the perfect strategy to help you achieve your expectations.Take my old boss as an example. He has worked for the company for over 10 years and knows the work of everyone at home and abroad. She is a great teacher and it’s easy to work with others. She always asks us for help when we need it.


  • This concept isn’t new, but it’s difficult for us, who have concrete ideas about how to handle work, to put it into practice. However, if you ignore the benefits of outsourcing (or delegation), you will soon find yourself consuming late-night oil.
  • Let’s take the example of a boss a few years ago. He is a perfectionist and has a high standard for the work of our team. These high standards are of course ignored by other members of the team and we can perform all tasks with the highest standards. Unfortunately, it’s difficult for a boss to give up. Your boss often manages us very carefully and will eventually take over our project. After it was over, he was about to be late.

 List what to do and what to do

  • I’ve always been a big fan of lists and it’s a particularly important part of being successful in the workplace while reducing workload.
  • Not only does this list help you track the goals you need to achieve, but you can also record the goals you have completed. I will never forget the conversation a few years ago when my boss admitted that he really didn’t know what he was doing every day. I politely apologized, rushed to my desk, and picked up a reliable notebook. W
  • hen I returned, we sat down and browsed the daily list for the year, detailing everything from large long-term projects to daily deadlines. What he did impress me. When the year-end salary debate began a few months later, I had no objection to the salary increase he requested.

Redefining “success”

  • One of the saddest visions I’ve seen in my career is to imagine the CEO bashing his office late Friday night before a long weekend. There is no doubt that this is a hot topic in the industry, but nothing more. He worked tirelessly and didn’t have time to entertain or relax. As a result, she was very tired. From other members of her team, she knew she no longer liked the enormous sacrifices she made for this.
  • Meanwhile, I have a colleague called Betty. Betty was also successful, but she set out to establish and maintain a strict boundary between her work and life. During working hours, my house is a machine. But when it was time to take off, he stepped out of the door and never looked back. Her management respects her efficiency, her team likes to work with her, and her family is still aware of her face.
  • In my book? Well done my house. If you are stressed or overwhelmed, you may not be able to enjoy your work, and the more work you have, the better your work will be. Setting limits, spending non-work hours, and taking as much time as possible to recharge can improve efficiency from 9 am to 5 pm.
  • There is no doubt that success comes at a cost. However, the payment method is up to you. Following these tips, success is a natural conclusion, and you will find that you still have the health and energy to enjoy the results of your work.


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