Stop Crowdsourcing Your Confidence


Stop Crowdsourcing Your Confidence

How typically do your temper and confidence rely on the number of likes, comments, and notifications you get on your social media accounts that have a social currency? Stop Crowdsourcing Your Confidence.

Do you like posts of other people to get likes back in return?

It’s sad to say that many people trade social currency for confidence. It sounds like a very good deal, yes? We all know that this is totally a fake done.

Why does this hypocrisy do?

  • Everyone likes positive responses. It may feel good to know that people are agreeing with you. There is a drawback of this give and take. This is fake and everyone knows it.
  • Nobody cares about your degree, success, pet, or your kids. They just like your stuff so that you give back to their content. This is crowdsourcing confidence. And social media is trading likes for likes.
  • Various Social media channels offer you an easy way to feel to be liked and accepted. When nobody likes your stuff you feel too bad for it.

Why we do that? Are we that shallow?

  • This is done not only on social media but also on people having no social accounts, trade for compliments in real life. They trade with their partners, co-workers, and friends for confidence.
  • We notice everyone do it. That’s why we feel proud when someone says “well done”.
  • We depend on it for years and years. It has no validation.

It also affects Relationships.

When your spouse is busy on social media and ignores your activities it’s not acceptable for you. You start comparing your importance with your partner’s friends.

  • “He didn’t notice my new dress.”
  • “She never praises me for my success.”

It’s very difficult to hear that no one cares. Do whatever you want to do for yourself. You get life for once for a limited time, so you might enjoy it as well. And stop bothering others about what they think about you.

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