Top 7 Survey Sites That Can Change Your Life and Make Money

Top 7 Survey Sites That Can Change Your Life

Top 7 Survey Sites That Can Change Your Life and Earn Money

We completed surveys for more of over 30 hours in total to earn more money. Here’s a rundown of the various Survey Sites we did try. If you’re thinking about taking paid internet surveys, consider what we learned in 2020: We worked for more than 30 hours on paid surveys to make more money, but our earnings did not exceed $90. Taking internet surveys, therefore, was not a viable venture for us.Read More About Top 7 Survey Sites That Can Change Your Life and Earn Money In Below

This article will go over the top 7 Survey Sites that can change your life.

Top Survey Sites to Increase Your Earnings

To be fair, taking paid surveys would have been simple and can be done from home if you had internet access. We tested websites that had no studying or skill demands and were completely free. Depending on the official site, surveys can be a simple, albeit highly repetitive, way to earn a few dollars or a difficult task that pays almost nothing.

Websites that pay out more than others. We appreciated sites on the internet that tied us with relevant surveys while also revealing the monetary value of each survey. We ignored websites that sent us surveys that we were unlikely to qualify for and paid us with a confounded points system.Top 7 Survey Sites That Can Change Your Life and Earn Money

Sites for Paid Surveys

Here are the conclusions of our five-day effort to visit each Web page for an hour each day. Some days, there were not enough surveys available for some web pages to fill the hour.

Top 7 Survey Sites That Can Change Your Life and Make Money
Top 7 Survey Sites That Can Change Your Life

1. Individual Opinion

Earnings per hour: $2.03 on average

This Survey Site collects surveys and employs a stringent screening procedure. Its dashboard is informative and includes useful areas such as your activities and then a customer service contact button. The website chose assessments for which we were more qualified than average in order for us to earn more money. Although 500 or 1,000 points for each survey may appear excessive when first, they can be translated to 50 cents or $1 in real incentives. Furthermore, you cannot withdraw funds until you have accumulated 25,000 positions, which is equal to $25.

2. Opinion

Outpost Survey Sites Comment Outpost Survey Sites
Earnings per hour: $1.50 on average

Unlike some survey websites, Opinion Outpost does not bombard visitors with potentials and information. We completed survey after survey on its simple, user-friendly website without paying attention to it. We newcomers appreciated the website’s simple points system, one that works up to 10 times that amount per point. Most importantly, we did generate some revenue. On Opinion Outpost, we were able to dish out an average of $1.50 per hour on Amazon.

3. Survey Sites from Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie earnings: $1.57 per hour on average

Despite the fact that it is a minor survey information source, this website is distinctive. This Survey Site provides a high numerical value for each completed survey and has a simple, user-friendly tracker. The node system is simple, and the dashboard immediately displays the monetary value of your points. However, before you may cash out, individuals must first accumulate 500 points. See our Survey Junkie Review for more information.

4. MyPoints Survey

Locations MyPoints earnings per hour average $1.01

This website provided the most survey opportunities of any we reviewed, with 75. It did, however, have the lowest periodically average pay rate and the lowest performance level (9.33%). Furthermore, survey disqualifications were frequently accompanied by ambiguous justifications.

5. i-Say Survey Sites

i-Say Earnings: $1.01 per hour on average

This Survey Site only offers surveys into its owner, Ipsos, a research company, to make more money. Although the site has better questions than aggregators, you remain on i-Say for each poll, making it simpler overall. When surveys you’ve already taken appear, it can be perplexing.

Swagbucks Survey Locations Swagbucks earnings per hour average: $0.89

This website has numerous survey changes, but disqualifications occur frequently. We were sometimes rejected simply for clicking on a link to a survey. Some of the Survey Sites recommended by Swagbucks are better than the others because they collect third-party surveys. Although earning points takes time, the site’s vast rewards markets offers hundreds of options, including gift cards, lottery, and PayPal transactions.

7. Toluna Survey

Locations Toluna hourly earnings average $0.71

Toluna, unlike several other Survey Sites, allows participants should choose the subjects of with there surveys, making the work quite engaging. Technology and travel are two examples of such themes. This benefit, however, did not compensate for the low pay. When we converted our statements to cash, we only made 71 cents per hour, one of the lowest rates among all of the Survey Sites we tried. After five hours, we didn’t have nearly sufficiently points to buy the cheapest gift cards.

What Are Paid Surveys Worth?

The money made from looking for information on Survey Sites can also be small when compared to many other employment options, regardless of the website. We made between 41 cents and $2.03 per hour, which is less than the federal minimum wage of $7.25. On survey sites, a certain number of points were usually required before we could barter them for bonuses. We had not met the required quantity after five hours of work on most of the Survey Sites.

We not only squandered our time, but we also gave these Survey Sites sensitive personal information. We frequently exchanged personal information such as our birth dates, Street addresses, incomes, physical ailments, ethnicities, and living situations. And after hours of question-and-answer sessions, we generally gave those particulars much thought.

Eva Velasquez, president and CEO of the Identity Theft Learning Centre, claims that the greatest risk is not knowing how and why the data will be used. You’re essentially telling those websites, “OK, I’ll trust you to be a productive member of the documentation I provide you,” and putting yourself at with there mercy.

Per the Velasquez, our data could be sold to insurance carriers or used in questionable investigations. Or, as with any official site that contains personal information, it may stolen. The majority of the information we shared appeared to be innocuous, such as our shopping habits and travel plans. If combined with several other stolen data, info such as your birthdate could be used to take your identity. So keep that in mind as you respond to inquiries.

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