Lamborghini introduced a four-day work plan for manufacturing staff.

According to reports, the deal between Lamborghini and the labour groups is the first of its sort in the European automobile sector.


Company management stated Tuesday that it has achieved an agreement with unions to implement a week of four days for manufacturing workers. According to Reuters, the pact reduces working hours without reducing earnings while raising pay.

If employed for Lamborghini was always an ambition, it has now become much more so. The new agreement allows workers in manufacturing to work up to 31 fewer weeks per year. Employees on a two-shift timetable will be working a five-day week before switching to a four-day week. This will resulting in a reduction of 22 workdays each year. Employees on a three-shift plan will be working a five-day week followed by two four-day weeks, reducing annual workdays by 31. Every year, a further month of vacation doesn’t seem so horrible.

Benefits for Lamborghini Employees

Still unsure about working with Lamborghini? The new agreement does, however, contain wage raises. The present variable incentives provided to employees will be raised by 50%. There will also be a one-time incentive of $1146 (changed from €1,063) given this month. More money, less hours, and you’ll get to spend your day surrounded by Lamborghinis. That sounds like a victory.

Other European firms have also implemented four-day workweek programs and discovered numerous benefits. According to sources, workers produced more in less time, illness-related absenteeism fell. And it was simpler to retain and recruit new staff.

“Working less and perform better, that’s the guiding principle that inspired the discussions and is part of a complete logic”. The FIOM and FIM-CISL unions stated in a joint statement.

Will this imply that Lamborghini is going to be able to produce more Revuelto cars at a lesser cost? Most likely not. However, happier employees can only benefit the automobiles produced by company.