Music Replay Lunched by Apple but no match of Spotify Wrapped

Apple has lunched its music review feature but its still not matching the functionality and feature of Spotify Wrapped. The Apple experience is available at It shows user top listened music, artists, albums, genres and other information related to listening history. While on other side Spotify Wrapped is rich in options including unique creation of albums based on listening history. And also featuring the personality option that cache the user behavior over the time period.

Picture displaying Apple Music Player Scrren

Such kind of features are capturing the attentions of the users and grabbing the attention of users to creating view to understand the interests of users. The Spotify has numerous built in functionalities that allow the listeners to share the songs with social app with customizing.

This Year option of Apple is only available in music app when users in top 100 of listening history of specific song or category. Otherwise user is not able to generate year end review by using this option. The Year End chart review gather data based on listening of song on Apple Music App on overall the world. So, during last year review it surprise some users that Taylor Swift is the most played song on their device. Whereas, in reality they never listen song of Taylor Swift this shows that Apple Year End review ranks based on the global trends not the user centric.

However, there is certain distinguish features of Apple Music Listener that provide the users to review the year history. Further, Apple users can also select the option to repeat the same sequence of songs unlike the Wrapped. So, these customized options will make their life easier as compared to Apple.

Music Algorithm

The algorithm will only start collecting data from current period of login and maintains listening history of the user accordingly. When compared to Apple’s social media-focused insights, Spotify’s yearly features distinguish out due to their evolving, consistently unique character. The uniqueness of Spotify’s offers year to year, provides a sense of anticipation for customers who anxiously await each new adventure. Unlike Apple, Spotify continues to delight and appeal to the audience it serves with new content on a regular basis.

Wrapped by Spotify not only acts as a retrospect of the user’s music excursion. It also demonstrates the platform’s dedication to offering new and visually compelling material. Apple Music’s functionality debuted somewhat ahead of Spotify’s, implying a planned strategy to gain supremacy in sharing on social media. Regardless of the date, Spotify’s developing Wrapped features set it apart from other music apps.